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Volunteer Photo and Bio of the Month

Photo of the Month: Chickey (A1060100) by Rachel Bennett

Chickey (A1060100)We'd like to recognize the incredible talent of our photography volunteers by featuring one outstanding photo each month that really captures the heart and soul of one of our animals. For this month, we're featuring this photo of Chickey, one of our Brooklyn dogs, taken by Rachel Bennett, one of our long-time and most dedicated Brooklyn dog volunteers.

Chickey’s absolute joy and love just shines right through Rachel’s photo, making Chickey absolutely impossible for anyone to resist. Outstanding photos like this will ensure that our animals get noticed and cause many to simply have to come meet and adopt our furry friends, just by seeing the photo alone.

Thank you so much, Rachel, and thank you to all of our outstanding photography volunteers for your dedication, talent, creativity, and perseverance in working to capture all of the love and joy our animals have to give.

Bio of the Month: San Juan by Rebecca Ascher-Walsh

We're also recognizing the incredible talents of our bio writers by featuring a bio that captures both the essence of a pet and the attention of the readers. This month’s featured bio is succinct and impactful, giving the readers a realistic description of the pet without being negative. It delivers hope rather than guilt, and it is told in clear language with a touch of creativity. From the keyboard of a volunteer who has been writing fabulous bios for ACC pets for a good many years now, the bio of the month meets the objective of making a reader want to come to the shelter to adopt the pet.

Rebecca Ascher-Walsh writes about San Juan A1060017:

"Being in the company of this pup, who is overflowing with kindness and love, is more restorative even than a winter trip to the island for which he is named. San Juan is emaciated, but if anything has gone badly in his life so far that’s apparently news to him: He adores people and loves playgroup with other dogs, and is so exuberant in his affection that even strangers are delighted by stealth-loving licks as they pass by. He appears to be housetrained and is lovely on a leash. It’s definitely a lump-in-the-throat experience to watch how he can have lived through times tough enough to lead to starvation and yet do nothing but wag his tail and show gratitude for being alive. San Juan is going to be a miraculous before-and-after story, and we are so eager for the 'after' to begin immediately. Being with him is to feel the sun is always shining on you, but please don’t take our word for it. Come throw your arms around him today!"


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