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AC&C Kittens Featured In Animal Planet's Kitty Half-Time Show During Puppy Bowl XI!

Kitty Half-Time Show kittenThe big game is fast-approaching, and with it, Puppy Bowl XI’s BISSELL® Kitty Half-Time Show, featuring some 20 kittens from Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C) ready for their national debut! Puppy Bowl XI premieres on Sunday, February 1, from 3-5 PM (ET/PT) on Animal Planet, and repeats throughout the day.

Photo credit: Animal Planet.

This year, fans can tune in to see the ridiculously cute kittens take over the control booth, as Animal Planet’s own “Katty Furry” takes center stage. They’ll also see how wonderful shelter animals are.

“We hope the BISSELL® Kitty Half-Time Show, featuring adorable shelter kittens, will inspire viewers to adopt,” says Risa Weinstock, Executive Director of AC&C. “While the cuties in the show have been adopted, AC&C has many more fabulous cats and other animals in need of loving homes. And animal lovers not in a position to adopt can enjoy the company of a great cat or dog by joining our foster team!”

The kittens featured in the Kitty Half-Time Show spent time in AC&C foster homes, which are often called on to temporarily care for kittens who aren’t yet old enough for adoption, as well as other animals in need. Potential volunteers can sign up for AC&C’s next foster orientation at http://nycacc.org/Foster.htm.  

Check out the Puppy Bowl kittens in this sweet Animal Planet gallery, and check out the great pics below from some of their adopters. Thanks to these kittens' new families for sending on these updates, and for giving these fantastic felines good homes!

Link and Zelda

“They are so playful and loving and go everywhere together,” report Link and Zelda’s adopters, John and Lynda. “We are looking forward to their grand tv debut!”

Photo credit: John Lee and Lynda Lummel


Hoyt and Sarah



"They are perfect kitties too!!! Our older cats love them so much," says Sarah and Hoyt's adopter Cheryl. "We LOVE them so much. They bring us so much joy."

Photo credit: Cheryl Cerisano 


Pablo fka Ptolemy1 

"My kitten Pablo [fka Ptolemy] is doing great!!" says adopter Kristina. "He’s a little rascal and I am his servant. :-)  He loves to jump in the shower when I’m in there and stand on the edge to avoid getting wet. He loves eating my hair and he much prefers homemade toys to the store bough kitty toys. He’s got some weird, really adorable hobbies."

Photo credit: Kristina Loew

Zoey fka Aleka



"Aleka (currently known as Zoey) is doing great!" says adopter Diane. "She is so big now and still as playful as ever. My daughter's tested out some doll glasses on her while she slept. They fit perfectly!"

Photo credit: Diane Bromberg


Ludo at home


"I re-named [Fortenberry] Ludo from the Jim Henson Muppet in The Labyrinth," reports adopter Martha. "Kind, but a trouble maker. That would describe Ludo. We bonded immediately and he is doing great! .... He loves to play and keeps a mouse (fake) army nearby to toss around. He is growing so fast. He loves to snuggle very early in the morning and has overall been an outstanding kitten to adopt."

Photo credit: Martha Keene



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