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Adoption Spotlight: Chance and Thommy

Chance Thommy

What’s better than a dog? How about two dogs! Chance and Thommy are a bonded pair who sounds like they belong in a storybook (but actually belong on your couch).

In July, a man was walking his dog in Queens and came across two dogs lying under a tree. One of the dogs appeared to be blind, but both seemed very friendly. The man stayed with them for a bit before continuing his walk home. He'd called the police, who called AC&C. As he approached his front door, the man noticed that the two dogs had followed him home. One of the dogs (Thommy) seemed to be guiding the other (Chance) down the road. The kind man took them in and gave them food.

Chance and Thommy on couch_smWe dispatched a field vehicle to pick them up. When they arrived at our Brooklyn shelter and were checked by medical staff, the vet noticed that Chance had severe Entropion. This is when the eyelashes point inwards instead of outwards, causing the animal to feel like there is something constantly in their eye. Our Medical Director reached out to a local veterinary ophthalmologist who offered to perform the corrective surgery on Chance free of charge.

In the meantime, both Chance and Thommy needed some TLC and were quickly placed in an AC&C foster home to rest until Chance's surgery. Once the surgery is complete, Chance and Thommy will be ready for adoption and we would like to keep them together.

Chance and Thommy sleepingChance (A1006579) is an approximately two-year-old female pit bull mix, and weighs 60 pounds. Thommy (A1006580), also about two years old, is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and some 70 pounds.

If you have a place in your heart and home for two wonderful dogs, please email fosters@nycacc.org.  


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