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Happy Tail: Whiskey

Whiskey in kitchenIn June, adorable Whiskey was brought to AC&C as a stray from the Bronx. In July, she was adopted by a wonderful family, who wrote in recently with a great update.

"I love this dog!!! Her new name is Whiskey (she's whisker-y, not an alcoholic!) We intensely bonded immediately," Lee writes, adding that her new companion (known as Kelsey at AC&C) "is an utter delight and a great joy to me. My husband commented that she is EXACTLY the creature I was looking for. So true; she wants nothing more than to cuddle with me. Our 15-yr-old dog died in May, our daughter just graduated college, and I'm tending my very elderly father, at the moment am a full-time resident in his house. Whiskey loves my dad and he loves her ("where's Grandpa?" And runs right to him, tail wagging). She is truly my own personal therapy dog. With many deep thanks for making it possible for Whiskey to come into my life. And, I should add, her obvious attachment and devotion to me indicate she feels the same way. I'm dedicated to giving her a loving, stable, happy home and life."

Thank you, Lee and family, for adopting!

Whiskey and Lee   Whiskey and Grandpa


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