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Adoption Spotlight: Missy


Missy is quiet simply amazing! This fabulous feline certainly knows how to work a crowd! As soon as she sees a potential human friend walking near her, she starts chirping for attention. She adores being pet and held, and once she settles in will curl up in your lap for a cat nap. She is inquisitive and active yet also sweet and cuddly! She is currently in our Manhattan Care Center looking for her forever home!

If you're interesting in adopting this lovable furry one, visit AC&C's Manhattan Care Center at 326 E. 110th Street, or email adoption@nycacc.org with her A#: A1000759.

You can view pictures of other great AC&C animals looking for placement on our Adoption Search page. Not looking to adopt right now, but able to temporarily care for animals in need? Join our foster team!



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