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Happy Tails: Ruby


DSC_0225.jpgEarlier this month, AC&C hosted our first ever Pit Bull Prom! This adoption promotion campaign targeted finding homes for all Pit Bull and Staffordshire terrier mixes. The staff and volunteers at the Manhattan Care Center were invited to participate in a secret ballot vote for the Prom King and Queen. Amassing nearly 90% of the votes, Ruby won by a landslide! Not shocking considering this older pittie puppy is friendly and charming – a true breed ambassador! With her stunning good looks and her affable nature, she captured the hearts of staff and volunteers alike so it’s not a surprise that her adopter fell in love with her instantly.  

Oriannies, Ruby’s new mom, came in to adopt during the Pit Pull Prom Adoption Promotion. She stated that she was drawn to Ruby because she was so pretty and quiet in her kennel. When she took her out for the adoption interaction, she was won over by Ruby’s rockstar personality. As our volunteers have noted “being charming seems to be part of Ruby’s nature!” When Oriannies learned that Ruby had been nominated and won the honor being crowned the Prom Queen, she was beyond excited. Oriannies and Ruby, recently renamed Kyra, are definitely a perfect match!



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