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Happy Tail: Jenkins and Jasmine

It was love at first sight when adopter Karen walking into the adoption room at our Manhattan Care Center and spotted 8 year old Jasmine lounging in her cat condo; however Jasmine wasn’t the cat that she selected for adoption that day! For Karen, she had space in her home and in her heart to give an older kitty a second chance at finding true love. Although Jasmine, a staff favorite caught her eye, it was Ginger (now known as Jenkins) a robust and handsome 13 year old orange tabby that she decided to adopt. He was the oldest cat available for adoption that day and Karen bonded with him and wanted to help the cat that she felt needed her the most. Later that week, Karen returned to our Manhattan Care Center because she couldn’t get Jasmine out of her mind. She was still available for adoption and Karen was able to take her home that day!

Karen updated our adoption staff that Jasmine likes to follow her around and has really taken to being a sunny window kitty. She loves her naps and has already staked out several favorite places while Jenkins is more shy, but has a super loud purr and very big heart. He now has a cozy cubby to hide in that he loves so he doesn't need to squeeze under furniture!

Thank you Karen for offering such a wonderful home to these two lucky senior kitties!




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