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Top 10 Reasons To Foster

With the warmer weather comes an influx of animals, and now, in the midst of "kitten season," our need for foster volunteers is greater than ever. If you're considering joining AC&C's foster team, or think you know someone who might be able to, be sure to check out our top 10 reasons to foster. Ready to sign up for an orientation? You can do so here!

#10: It's fun!

Nothing can bring a smile to your face quite like an animal can. After a stressful day at work, there’s nothing better than coming home to three kittens inviting you to play, or your foster dog throwing a toy at your feet. Put down your bag, grab a ball, it’s playtime!

#9: Support your community.

Fostering an animal is a worthwhile and gratifying way to give back to your community. You’re joining a network of New York’s Kindest -- adopters, volunteers and donors dedicated to making a difference for shelter animals in NYC.

#8: It's temporary and flexible.

If you’re not looking to adopt, fostering allows you to enjoy the company and love of an animal temporarily. AC&C has both long and short-term foster opportunities and will make sure to match the animal with your availability.

#7: Unconditional love.

There’s nothing better than coming home to a cuddly and playful friend who can always make you laugh and is always happy to see you. It’s the best gift in the world!

#6: Share your stories.

Fostering an animal in need is such a fulfilling experience, and it makes for a great story! Sharing your foster stories with friends, relatives, and colleagues is empowering and makes you feel good. Meanwhile, you’re spreading the word about the importance of fostering.

#5: Foster trust.

Helping to socialize an abandoned or neglected animal allows them to learn to trust and love.  Whether it’s a six-week-old kitten who has never experienced human affection, or an abused dog who needs a little help learning to trust again, a caring foster volunteer can make all the difference.

#4: Find forever homes.

AC&C foster parents are encouraged to help find potential adopters. Not only does this help us find homes for our animals, it’s also a rewarding experience for our foster volunteers. You know you helped make a huge impact in an animal’s life. What’s better than that?

#3: Witness their recovery.

It’s an incredible feeling to watch a sick or underage animal grow and develop under your care into a healthy and active animal who is ready to be adopted.

#2: Make a friend.

As a foster volunteer, you get to form special bonds with so many amazing animals, experiencing different personalities and quirks. This can also help you figure out what animal fits best with your lifestyle, if you’re thinking of adopting.

#1: Save lives.

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