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Happy Tail: Dexter, fka Bishop

Dexter adoptedIt's not every day we get an adopter who chooses to move so she can take the dog she's fallen in love with home. But that's just what happened with Jennifer and Dexter, formerly known as Bishop.

The adorable dog, approximaly three years old, had arrived at AC&C as a stray in early February. Soon after, Jennifer expressed interest in adopting. She was all set... until she got word that her landlord had decided not to allow a pit bull in the building. 

Instead of looking for another animal companion, or forgetting about adopting altogether, Jennifer decided to look for a new place to live. Over the next few weeks, she corresponded with AC&C Adoption Counselor Julia Umansky, who coordinated with other AC&C staff to help ensure Dexter could eventually go home with her.

Thanks to teamwork and one of our dedicated volunteers, this pup was able to go to foster and Jennifer had the time she needed to secure new housing. Jennifer completed the adoption and picked Dexter up from AC&C's Brooklyn Care Center on the last day of February.

She sent Julia an update in March: "As u can see we are doing awesome," Jennifer wrote. "Lots of work but he's so worth it and such a great lil man."

Dexter and adopter 1
Dexter and adopter tongue
Dexter and adopter 2

It wasn't easy, but as Julia notes, "Seeing these pictures makes it all worthwhile. Dexter is an amazingly sweet dog and Jennifer really does have such a big heart for doing all this." 

Looks like the cats are happy to have him home, too!

Dexter and feline friend 1 Dexter and feline friend 2


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