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AC&C Celebrates National Volunteer Week

Throughout the year, hundreds of amazing individuals make a difference for shelter animals in NYC as AC&C volunteers. During and immediately following National Volunteer Week (April 6-12) we spotlighted some of these truly generous people--some of New York's Kindest--on our Facebook page. We're grateful every day for their and all our volunteers' indispensable contributions.

MireilleMireille is one of our amazing cat companions, dedicated to helping the kitties in our Brooklyn center. She's pictured here with senior Bernard, whom she'd found in bad shape as a stray and ultimately ended up adopting after AC&C began treatment.

"Being a volunteer at AC&C has been a highly rewarding experience," Mireille says. "I have grown into a more complete person, becoming more selfless and compassionate…. Every encounter comforting and talking to an animal makes a difference for that animal, and it is an important service we volunteers provide. I extend sincere thanks to my staff friends in the Brooklyn shelter who welcome me every weekend with complete trust."


Sara and ZuzuSara (pictured here with her dog Zuzu) is one of our awesome Brooklyn dog companions and adoption event counselors.

"Volunteering with AC&C has been one of the most special and rewarding privileges I've experienced," Sara notes. "The staff is unbelievably kind and hard-working, and of course I cannot get enough of all the sweet and cuddly dogs I meet. The amount of love and excitement they show when I take them out is heart-melting. The very best moments, though, are when I show up and find that my favorite dogs are no longer there, because they've gone on to their forever homes."


Ken volunteer


Ken is one of our incredible Staten Island volunteers, playing a key role at adoption events and also as a dog companion and photographer. 

"Volunteering at AC&C has given me the opportunity tohelp the homeless animals in need, until they find their permanent home," Ken says. "When they do, it's one of the best feelings in the world."


Geoff and LisaLisa and Geoff are stellar foster volunteers, who have cared for 36 cats in their home since they started fostering in 2013.

"Fostering is an amazing journey," Lisa and Geoff write. "Whatever work, caring and love we have put into our foster cats, we have gotten back tenfold. They have taught us so much with their incredible resilience and vibrant spirits. We love giving our fosters a strong start on their way to finding the best possible forever homes."


CeliaCelia, pictured here with her family dog Charley, is one of our awesome dog companions at our Manhattan Care Center.

"I love volunteering at AC&C because I truly feel like I am making a difference in the lives of the dogs that I walk," Celia says. "AC&C empowers volunteers to take the initiative and immerse ourselves in the work that we do. Every time a dog goes out, you are helping him or her to be more social, to learn to walk on a leash, to expend a bit of pent up energy - and more. They seem small things in and of themselves, but all of them together helps each dog become more adoptable. Together with all of my fellow volunteers at AC&C, as well as the dedicated staff, I am very happy to have the chance to help each and every dog that we can find a good and loving home."

Dale and MasonDale is one of our fantastic events volunteers, helping us find great homes for animals. You may have met him at one of our adoption events around the city.

"As a volunteer with AC&C I've had the pleasure of working with many lovable shelter dogs," Dale says. "Just knowing that I played a small role in helping a dog (or other animal!) find its forever home is profoundly rewarding."






Brenda is one of our fabulous foster volunteers. In under two years, she has fostered 43 cats.

"Fostering with AC&C gives me the opportunity to help a few of the thousands of New York’s homeless animals find the loving forever home they all deserve," Brenda says. "The best part is getting updates from the adopters, and seeing how much they love the animals that I helped bring into their lives."




Jill is a great volunteer who provides administrative support at our HQ.

"Volunteering at AC&C has become a very important and vital part of my everyday life," Jill says. "The staff is like family to me. It is a privilege to be a part of this wonderful organization."



Carolyn and kitten


Carolyn is one of our star cat and kitten companions/volunteer adoption counselors at our Manhattan location. 

"I feel truly blessed to care for the shelter felines," Carolyn says. "It is so comforting for me when I am working at the Animal Care Center. Thank you all for opportunity to serve."


NicolaNicola is one of our awesome dog companions in Manhattan, and a mobile adoption counselor.

"When people ask me what's it's like to volunteer at AC&C," Nicola says, "the first thought that comes to mind is that each day brings something new. As an open admission facility, we see many difficult cases. However seeing so many wonderful dogs blossom and thrive, it makes you want to keep coming back. It's not only about the animals either...I have met some really amazing people through this experience. Please think about joining our team of volunteers, we would love your help!"


Interested in becoming an AC&C volunteer? Learn more and sign up for an orientation here!


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