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Happy Tail: Simba

Simba snuggling_150pxThis is the story of a cat who may very well have saved his adopter's life.

Simba's adopter was shopping at Petco when an adorable bunch of orange tabbies caught her eye. Simba was laying on the bottom, with others heaped on top. This cutie was available for adoption through Social Tees Animal Rescue.

AC&C had placed Simba with Social Tees, one of our New Hope partners--other shelters and rescue groups that we work with to find placement for animals. Since AC&C is an open-admissions organization open to any animal in need, and more than 30,000 animals come through our doors each year, such partnerships are essential. Simba is one of thousands of animals who benefited from the New Hope program last year.

Simba and Mya 1 Simba smiling sink Simba watching TV


But back to this remarkable cat:

Simba's adopter calls him "my little shadow," noting he follows her around and is a big snuggler. After bringing him home, Simba's adopter noticed that when he'd crawl up on her, he'd usually go to the same place: her left breast. He'd paw the blanket, and rub his nose on her breast. She'd shift him to the side, but he'd move over and do it again. He kept going to the same spot, and his guardian found it odd. She wondered why, and checked. Sure enough, the cat was on to something: Simba led his human to discover a lump in her breast. 

At the time of this reporting, Simba's family was still awaiting certain biopsy results. Hopefully the lump is benign, but thankfully, Simba's adopter tells us, they caught it early. And Simba? He's still, as his adopter says, "the sweetest thing."

Simba with stuffed animal Simba on blue Simba and Mya 2


We thank Simba's family for sharing this incredible story, and send them our sincere wishes for good health. Thanks to them and Social Tees, Simba found the home where he was truly meant to be!

Simba and cat on bed Simba the cat lounging Simba and two cats


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