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New Digs

If you visited AC&C recently, you may have seen our new cat condos and dog kennels.

The condos, now in the cat adoption rooms at all three Care Centers, have many benefits. They're not just more visually appealing and better showcases for our wonderful felines seeking homes, but also stress-reducing. They're built of quieter, warmer materials, and also offer our cats more space. Cats can even stay in a separate section of their condo while the rest of their area is being cleaned, lowering stress and decreasing disease transmission.

The older dog kennels at our Manhattan Care Center have also been replaced. The new kennels--in our adoptions, holding, and isolation rooms--are safer. They have better drainage, too, which helps fight disease, bacteria, and odor. In addition, we now have small-dog-specific housing for our more petite canines.

The upgrades were made possible by both public and private funding. We're grateful for the "Women Who Care" fundraiser, as well as all the individuals who donated to make these new kennels and condos a reality. Stay tuned for more events aimed at raising funds for improved housing, and if you're interested in making a donation toward more condos, please email donate@nycacc.org.

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